Comfort-in - needle-free system. “Family Dentist B” dental office always follows the latest trends and tries to keep up with innovations, so we offer you something completely new - a painless anaesthesia application without pain and needles, using the latest Comfort-in system. 

Comfort-in is a needle-free system for anaesthesia application, designed for a quick, safe and painless subcutaneous application of pharmaceutical substances.
Comfort-in was developed not only to provide the user with clinical and surgical benefits but also to considerably diminish the feeling of discomfort that patients often experience when anaesthesia is applied in a traditional manner, i.e. syringes with needles. The needle-free application means there are no incidental stings, injuries, and infections. When it comes to the effect of anaesthesia, the feeling that patients have is the absence of pain during the application of anaesthesia, which makes it much more comfortable. The whole intervention is far more comfortable for patients, particularly those who are afraid of needles and dentists.
Thanks to its spring mechanism, Comfort-in creates a very narrow fluid line that penetrates the superficial layer of skin and enables a complete absorption of the infusion solution.
The advantages of needle-free anaesthesia application are:
- Ergonomic handling: it saves a lot of time used for working with patients.
- Potential side effects reduction (e.g. fear of needles, overdosage, contamination etc.).
- Comfort-in™ is fully in accordance with the European directive regarding workplace safety (preventing cuts and injuries by stings in healthcare facilities and hospital areas) LAW 2010/32/EU.
- An improved posture of the patient increases trust in the dentist himself/herself.